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Holzbackrahmen (Bread baking Frame)

by | May 5, 2014 | Bread

Batzen is literally translated as lump or chunk, a term for bread baked in a German bread-frame known as holzbackrahmen.  I first saw holzbackrahmen in a E-book by Nils of Ye Old bread baker fame. Recently I managed to convince a cabinet maker friend (thank you Bob del Grosso!) to make me one in his workshop. Then I cured the frame in the oven, oiled it and went straight to using it to bake some breads. My first try led to a modicum of success. Onwards!

IMG_9996 IMG_0023IMG_0025IMG_0033


  1. Brad Prezant

    So the sides serve the function of supporting the dough? You must make 4 loaves?

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Brad, Yes, unless you make a frame for a single loaf, which is doable? More bread the merrier,no?

  3. D

    Hello Jeremy
    Can you tell me if this would work in a Pizza Oven setting or if you baked this in a home oven? If you baked in a home oven what was the baking temp?

  4. Jonitin

    Hi Janet, I bake my loaves usually at 475 F….and if they get too toasty I lower it to say 450F and if they are huge and in this frame…longer slower to final temp 200…


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