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Quinoa Porridge Bread

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Bread, Tartine

For some time I have tried to grasp how to make a good loaf from the Tartine bread books. They just never never end up looking like they do in the book. It may be due to issues around hydration or lack of fermentation. Recently I had more success after adapting a Tartine formula for their oat porridge-and-almond bread, substituting quinoa flakes for oatmeal, and using 30% Quinoa in the final dough. The finish bake is still fairly hydrated but still full of flavor and color and sports a crisp crust!

IMG_0921 IMG_0931



  1. bergljot kjartansdottir

    Hello, would be delighted to get the receipt for this quinoa bread,
    I have some quinoa flakes I don´t know how to use.
    Best wishes,

  2. Jeremy Shapiro

    It’s from Chad Robertson’s Tartine 3 book…


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