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Don’t Mess With Casatiello

by | May 17, 2016 | Baking, Food, Venting on food

My buddy Domenico, a zen teacher of cucina reale Italiana, often scolds me for my periodic lapses in understanding semantic and ingredient differences. Sort of like my editor Jonathan scolds me for writing three paragraphs when three sentences and a few photos would be much easier to understand. And now I face additional headwinds from overseas. Thinking fondly of an Italian bread known as Casatiello (usually served for Easter), I waited till after the holidays to bake a batch, using what was in my kitchen.  Traditional Casatiello embeds cheeses along with gabagool (capicola) and salame. My wholly unorthodox version used chorizo, salami, parmigiano reggiano, a nameless French cheese, as well as ramps. Below are photos of my bread, followed by a glowing review from Domenico's personal maestro di pizza, Antonino – straight from Sorrento. Well,  not so glowing, but even in admonishing me, heart felt and funny. 





Antonino from Jeremy Shapiro on Vimeo.



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