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by | Mar 17, 2017 | Espresso

Coffee is my designated drug of choice. Obviously, I'm not alone, as Starbucks imperial dynasty makes clear. And of course that's nothing new. Among the historic multitudes who share the caffeine-in-black addiction was a favorite writer who famously penned "The Human Comedy."


Honore Balzac was supposedly a 50-cup-a-day drinker, which I suppose gave him the energy (or inspiration) to publish 85 books. Could this help me? I have yet to give that much of my day to coffee, but perhaps I should. It has so many pleasures; the smell, taste and, not least, the attendant ceremony of grind and brew. When out of my favorite bean, I periodically try substituting with unknown and badly roasted American suppliers. My brand? Passalacqua. It's Napolitano magic was first presented to me by my buddy Domenico. Below see it's fruits and packaging.  

IMG_1816 IMG_1963



  1. David Auerbach

    There are fantastic American roasters (e.g., Intelligentsia, CounterCulture, …) and they have the advantage of being freshly roasted. And their sourcing is impeccable.

  2. Jonitin

    Thanks David, I’m sort of a Napolitano snob, but I did get some coffee from a American company and it was so under roasted, was like drinking diner coffee… I’ll have to check out some of those you mentioned.


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