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Dansker Rye

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Bread, Rye

Ever since my class on Danish rye bread, I've struggled to recreate it. Something kept getting in the way, specifically around sourdough fermentation that showed up in the build and final bake. Ultimately I made a modified version with chia seeds and cracked rye. Whatever the adaptation, fermentation is key. You need a 24-your build for the rye. The first sign of failure? Flying tops. Here is my latest try, and it tasted good.



  1. Karin Anderson

    Looks just like the right thing. I had it as a child (though I much preferred Tebirkes), since we spent our family vacation every year in Denmark.

  2. Jonitin

    Wow…well I figured your name sounds Danish? Tebirkes are what? This is a great bread, but I am partial to more German loaves of rye..

  3. jeremy

    Looks good, but do not mix it to long max 8min and with a hook,and you your bread Ph should be no lower than 4 ,to get the right lactic acid bacteria that is key.

  4. Jonitin

    And I just bought a PH tester!


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