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Challatone – A Lazy Baker Creation

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Baking, Bread

Challatone. Hey, friends, take notice, we're introducing a new entry to the world stage of lazy baking. It started with no premonition of greatness. And even if it never reaches real glory, hey, it's interesting. See, I had a sweet dough refreshed and ready, and wanted to make a challah from Ian Lowe's files. But summer heat and my own lazy nature put a dent in the call for any fancy-shmancy strand-plaiting. Looking at my cat, she purred and moved her whiskers to a nearby panettone mold. Damn if she didn't earn her years of waking me up on Sunday morning. Anyway, I used that damn mold, proofing the challah-rooted bread in that panettone mold. Even though I wasn't expecting much, the results were "a wow." All to say, folks, get lazy (or get a cat) and who knows what can happen around your kitchen. 

IMG_2343 IMG_2813



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