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Maiorca Flour Again

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Bread, Fermentation, Flour

I'm still perplexed and testing Maiorca, that ancient grain that has proven elusive to my attempts to incorporate it into a sourdough bread. Perhaps because of its quirkiness around protein bonding, high absorption, short mix and fermentation. Recently, I  tried using the no-knead method (with low inoculation) found in Jim Lahey's upcoming book. Here are photos of the results.  



  1. Andy Forbes

    Hi Jeremy,
    can’t see account of you finding “proven elusive to my attempts to incorporate it into a sourdough bread” – bread in both posts re Maiorca crumb looks
    Can you describe what you have found about its behaviour and any solutions. About to start tests on our own “heritage” British Isles wheats so keen to know more …
    Andy Forbes

  2. Jonitin

    Hi Andy,
    This is a difficult flour, low bonding, protein and such make it tricky to work with. You could mix with a stronger flour in whatever percentages, perhaps. I was told to autolyse and use salt straight away and cold water…. Still, I’m going to keep trying at a solution to make sourdough, maybe more frequent refreshments for strength, but going to keep at the low inoculation again, and then perhaps do only a very short final proof…tweak, tweak…


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