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A Great Heritage Grain Pancake Mix

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Flour, Food, miller

Sunrise Flour Mills sells pricey but great heritage grain flours. They are also a small company going through the typical growing pains of building a digital presence. For example, their fantastic products are not always helped by a website that needs work. But their heart is in the right place. For instance, here's what happened to me when a mistake on my part ended up making me feel like a winner because of their vigilant customer service. 

Accidently paying too much for a recent order, they contacted me and offered me  something special. I took "the special," which turned out to be something called "7 Grain Heritage Pancake Mix." Wow, was that a gift. It was absolutely terrific, the most grainy goodness in pre-mixed pancake flour I ever enjoyed. 

Anyway, where I like my pancakes to be on the thick, airy side, my wife goes for 'em "skinny." So I used the mix to go my way, while she diluted the mix with coconut milk to make her version. Both of us agreed, however you do it, Turkey Red & White Sonora make for great pancakes and a delicious morning. When they finally get their website in order, competition, look out!


IMG_0096 IMG_0084


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  1. Pancake Man

    Put a mashed banana in the mix and its even more super yummy.


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