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Home Made Sausage

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Charcuterie, Food

Got time for some vampire charcuterie? That's right, folks, we're talking blood sausage, or, if you want me to show off my fancy language skills, "boudin noir," the tasty delicacy that satiates belly and soul. Actually, if only Countess Bathory, Vlad the Impaler, or, of course, Dracula, had a kitchen, how many poor souls could have been saved?    

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the other day making terrine with pork liver, it left me a bit of blood in the bowl. I guess it inspired my Transylvanian roots because suddenly I was at the butcher shop hungering for pork blood, sausage casing and garlic. Just to ensure I didn't overdo the vampire instinct. A little while longer, I was back enjoying a favorite delicacy of mine, so damn blood-curdling good!



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