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Boeuf A’la Mode

by | May 31, 2020 | cooking, Food

Shopping at my local butcher I  got piece of marbled chicken steak aka  blade shoulder A prized bistro style cut for braising . With this particular cut  I learned with particular dish, its name boeuf aux carrotes (beef and carrots). The method and technique hasn’t been lost, its lodged in my psyche and memorialized  in my palate. Still I was wondering about the historic origins and it’s name and found some very interesting points of its creator François Pierre de La Varrenne. Writer of recipes and  a key chef during a period of enlightenment  in French cuisine. His own codifying, led to recipes, inscribed with rules and principles of taste. Varrenne suggested removing exotic spices that covered or masked dishes left behind from the middle ages, instead he preached the  use of  local product that were fresh, and meat prepared carefully highlighting the maximum taste. His summation in his book, ” when eating cabbage soup, I want it to taste like cabbage.”     IMG_7058 IMG_7086       679B8414-837B-4DF4-A206-C26B91600F64


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