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Reworked Kayser

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Bread, levain

While trawling through a vast archive from Saveur Magazines gourmet food pages, I came upon an Eric Kayser formula for a quinoa whole wheat bread with raisins. It piqued my curiosity as I have been using a Ferrandi School’s bread baking books that features Kayser among the bakers. But upon calculating one of his formulas I found the numbers off, specifically one that suggested using 55-grams of yeast for 375-grams of flour. It seemed excessive or an editorial mistake. I decided to crunch those numbers – and then with inclusion of some rye levain… kaboom! 

IMG_7245 FIMG_7250 91494AF1-82BF-4E9C-8033-3A8AA1DF83C2


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