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by | Nov 5, 2022 | Bread

Work has been overtaking my usual lazy baking routine. All to say, that my job has forced me to baking without involving any retarding of dough. That means a five-hour window from mix to bake, not counting previous day’s levain build.


Below are photos of two lovely loaves we served with a beautiful gem salad and paella dinner. The first was a dropbox formula from a apiece of bread in Tasmania, Ian the baker told me it was based on a Basile Kamir formula, which he jokingly called Campaign (Campagne). I’ve tried this formula many times but never had much success. This time I left it to prove for four hours, then shaped and left it alone probably an hour, and boom.



The second was a formula I’d seen on the Youtube channel produced by Ian Spampatti, an excellent young pizzaiolo and baker. This loaf was called “open sourdough” or many holes (molti buchi). I used the processing for leaving it in the refrigerator after initial proving and shaping it, then the next day baked the loaf in my Creuset pot. It resulted in an open but even crumb and fabulous taste.





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  1. Anonymous

    there are only a few things giving you as much satisfaction as pulling a loaf out of the oven and sharing it. Bread is life


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