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Rosé Croissants

by | May 21, 2024 | Baking, Croissants

It’s been awhile since I’ve done croissants at home. My wife had purchased rose powder to use for some sort of facial mask and suggested inadvertently that I make rosé croissants, which are a thing I guess?. At first I rolled my eyes at the idea, I much prefer classic croissants. I gave into the request and even put some dried rose flowers into the lamination butter block, and at the end brushed a simple syrup imbibed with rose water. Spur of the moment as this batch was they surprisingly enough were very good. Even though a few were misshaped, but still delicious nonetheless. Now I have requests for matcha tea ones, but in between I’m doing the classic croissants with a few different types of flour, keep your eyes open.

Rosé croissants
Cut and shaped
Hand rolled, laminated sourdough croissants
Rose water glacage
Sweet starter levain croissants with rose essence.
Baked and glazed
Levain doux Rosé croissant
Rosé croissants
Mie croissants
Lamination interior


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