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Sustainable kitchen – Summer Trip Post #16

My sister fortunately has a great Thermomix tool that can cook, mix, but even still. This summer the house was full with guests. We were in and out and still cooking, which isn't easy.  But she makes it look so easy... and yes, the kitchen is the hub of the family in...

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Sous Vide

My workplace finally entered the 21st century in the form of a vacuum-sealing food saver. Goodbye, foodstuffs wrapped with multiple layers of plastic and wax paper. Gone are frostbitten meats. Hello to so-called "modernist sous vide" cooking, an...

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Paella In An Emeril Pan

My paella pan serves its explicit purpose, but it's also small. Wanting to make a sofrito, as well some fish for paella, I ended up using an Emeril Lagasse signature stainless steel pan. Damned if it didn't work! It even led to...

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Good Eats

When you pull off a series of great meals, well, time to appreciate the groove. I hit that groove recently. The results extended to brunch, something I usually hate. But somehow I whipped up a savory meal of poached eggs with salad, as well as eggs slathered with...

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Baked Pasta 1841

In my worn out copy of Giuliano Bugialli's Classic Techniques of Italian cooking, one recipe has captured my imagination in particular; Ultima moda 1841.  It's a re-worked version of a classic pasta dish that is rustic, simple and tasty. Most...

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