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Moka maintenance

A friend recently asked me how to  clean a Bialetti moka stove pot coffee maker. Maybe he got the idea of my expertise from photos featuring me and Italian food guru Domenico Bianco. He was kind enough to introduce me to moka afternoon rituals, teaching me the...

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Harem Coffee

My sister, who lives in Basel, finally got a small Delonghi espresso maker. Visiting her, it struck me that the coffee she uses wasn't doing much in that machine. Initially, we attributed the problem to the local water, a solution rich in calcium. Despite my...

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Coffee Thoughts

Coffee is my designated drug of choice. Obviously, I'm not alone, as Starbucks imperial dynasty makes clear. And of course that's nothing new. Among the historic multitudes who share the caffeine-in-black addiction was a favorite writer who...

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Customer Service

New appliances for kitchens increasingly seem like Dollar Store hardware, cheap to buy and quick to break, totally disposable. When my latest Breville espresso machine went on the fritz, I called the service number without much hope for actual "service."...

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