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Grape Seed Flour

A few bakers I respect (including Eli Colvin) have mentioned the magic of baking with grape seed flour. It certainly has a unique color, as well as a flavor. While sorting out my bins, I found an unused bag and decided to make a loaf with it. Using an...

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Gifted Flour

A big thanks to the maven of grain, Barbara Elisi Carraciolo who schlepped sacks of flour to Michigan and mailed them to me. While I haven't been able to bake with them while I was on my vacation in Europe, I can't wait to try using her...

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Pivetti Delivers

In the past, my friend Domenico got me samples from Pivetti, the Parma-based flour milling company. These included Skura, a flour Antonino Esposito developed with grano arso. Well, the company was kind enough  to send some more, a fairly big bag, actually....

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Sunrise Flour

Sunrise Flour Mills, located in Minnesota, makes great flours. I only found out from an Italian baker living in Sweden named Barbara Elisi. I ended up ordering four bags of their Red Fife Bolted and Turkey Red, both refined wheat. So far I've had some...

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