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Burgers In Casiss

From my trip to France this past summer. Returning late to Cassis from a day trip in Aix-en Provence we couldn't get a bus or cab from the train station. That forced us to walk a few kilometers to our hotel. Passing a fork in the road, our eyes fixated on two...

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La Tables de Nans

Visiting the south of France inspired both delight and anxiety. How to satisfy such great expectations? Well, I decided to book my restaurant reservations far in advance to ensure a table. My first stop was La Tables de Nans in Ciotat. Michelin awarded it one-star....

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Tomato Wähe

While organizing some edibles for a late wine and snack summer social I was limited in prep time. I gathered up summer tomatoes, made a spelt dough inspired by my sister. This tarte being savory combined cheese, onions and mustard to tie into a quasi Provençal...

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Pot au feu

Pot au feu is a French  classic peasant  dish that's wonderful for winter. Or for early spring. It consists of secondary cuts of  beef and cartilaginous marrow bones. You slow cook them with carrots, leeks, onion and spices. To perfect it, avoid...

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Suzy Q Redux

Store bought snack food have been on my radar for sometime, reminding me of my childhood where processed foods, were a no-no. Anytime I'd sneak a taste, it was sinful bliss. One  in particular was Suzy Q's, a chocolate cake sandwiched with sweet...

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I finally made a proper batch of kimchi at home. David Lebobvitz's newsletter inspired me. In it, he described kimchi as "easy to make, difficult to mess up." Perhaps previous attempts at work (which were more messy than easy) were impaired by the stress...

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