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Time for Ice Cream

Summer is here. At work, that means churning our own in-house ice creams. One issue with which I struggle is balancing larger health concerns with the the high amount of sugar many recipes require. To address it, we avoid all gels, use only fresh fruits, and prepare...

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Maybe it's my lousy Italian, but I've had it with modernist gelato and sorbetto formulas. Quite often their gummy results remind of  thick, over-reduced meat reductions. They leave my mouth feeling a residue of something between margarine and glue....

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An Iced Cheese Plate

As the summer heat  winds down , I have to save fruits from rotting and cheeses from peaking. My latest gelato and sorbet flavors are unctuous cheese (mascarpone) and fruit, almost like a cheese course.

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Summer Treats

The July sweltering heat has me churning gelato and sorbet. Recently I have been searching for tips on making the Mexican popsicles known as "paletas." Passion (or obsession) for iced desserts has even has led me to buy a scale for weighing precise amounts...

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Pistachio Gelato

Pistachio gelato was on my summer to-do list. As most pistachio spreads are creamified, sugary concoctions, I first considered using some peanut butter. Using a standard egg based gelato mix, you would think the process would be fairly simple.  Not! The...

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Al Settimo Gelo

For Italians, gelato generates as many hearty judgements as does wine. Take Domenico, my Italian food guru. Before even buying tickets to visit Italy, he emphasized the need to try Rome's Al Settimo Gelo for gelato. A hidden treasure Via Vodice, a non-descript...

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