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Are "cronuts®" still trending? Since I'm a fan of both croissants and doughnuts, I tried creating a batch. Dough wrapped in three simple folds, let them rise....voila, my take on cronuts.

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Scrap Dough

"Discard" is a term used by some bakers for excess sourdough. I think it's a terrible name as it reminds me of waste, something no one in the world of food much wants to encourage. Recently I found out that a niece of mine in Switzerland had quit her...

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Brioche Feuilletée

A project this past summer was baking varieties of "brioche feuilletée." It's a laminated brioche dough in which the baker holds back part of the butter in its building. During hotter weather, any butter-rich Viennoisserie can be tricky. It's...

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Rules Of Croissants

Croissants are not easy to make. There's a magic to rolling, then folding cold butter into a fermented dough, transforming that substance into an airy, crisp delectable layered bread. Stuck at home with the quarantine led me to do some research on croissant baking...

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Morning Buns

Morning buns are a laminated dough like croissant, though lower in butter percentage, and with a cakier feel. I started a batch from some notes benefit of Ian Lowe's Instagram, Apiece Of Breads. Here's what I got; freestyle without a muffin pan to shape, more...

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