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Mercado Little Spain

Hearing about Jose Andres's Spanish Mercado opening at Hudson Yards, I recalled visiting his restaurants in Washington D.C. This man can cook. Moreover, he can run a restaurant, teach aspiring chefs, and organize fascinating projects. Along with his partners the...

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New Amsterdam Market

Two weeks ago I visited a summer event at the Big Apple's New Amsterdam Market, held under the FDR highway near New York's Fulton Fish Market and the South Street Seaport. At one point, the Seaport was supposedly going to have a regular...

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Get to Eataly… but get there early!

Since I first noticed the signs in front of Eataly in the Flatiron district, it intrigued me. I had heard rumors that its founders included both a famous chef and a food family emporium, and obviously it was going to be Italian. Other than that, I wasn't sure....

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Kamal Mouzawak

Kamal Mouzawak - it's hard to narrowly pinpoint who he is or what he does; guardian of traditional food, social innovator, and market organizer. These are just some of the titles that follow him. I was introduced to him through Anthony Bourdain's  recent...

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