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All the leaves are brown… well not yet!

Just back from the Union Square market today. It's the end of summer and the beginning of fall on Monday. I got the season's last peaches, as well as some chard. It's my second visit to this New York City farmer's market since my trip to Istanbul, itself home to great...

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The way you go for Wagyu

Last Tuesday, while removing pin bones from trout fillets for a large party at the club where I chef, my manager introduced me to two gentlemen, Paul Dojo and Yasuo Iba. Both are salesmen from ADIRECT USA INC, importers of Ohmi Premium Wagyu Beef.  After a sales...

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Two years ago I went to Montreal for the first time for four day's. If your Jonesing for France and your not to far from the great white north, go and enjoy a great food town! I tried some fine bread, beer,cider as well as great food, unpretentious service and really...

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Arthur Avenue

Arthur Avenue... It's what we call little Italy, an enclave amongst the collegiate Fordham set and the knock-off boutiques with big butt mannequins in hot pants amongst the subway sandwiches on Fordham road east! Since my last visit I noticed decay like a scene...

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Springtime in New York

Nothing like a guilty conscience especially on a hot Saturday morning in New York's lower east side!Finding myself with a 'wife free' day and a bloggers dilemma of finding some subject to talk about like a case of writers block. I initially was heading across to New...

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So having survived the hell bent and stomach churning drive through the Andes, we finally made it into Loja! Our driver, dead tired turned and asked us where we were staying(like he didn't know we hadn't made any reservations!) I nudged my wife telling her to explain...

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