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After Party Fermentation

Four days past our annual Spring Fling, I had leftover scraps of donut and pizza dough. Given this was sourdough, I was reminded what my buddy, baker John Downes, once said, such remains are "Satan Spawn," as they inevitably lead to an acidic stew...

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Pizza With Carlo di Cristo

A few months ago, Soul Crumbs baker Carlo di Cristo contacted me that he would be visiting New York. I had wanted to interview him and now would have a chance to do it in person. We finally met at PN Wood Fired Pizza, where host Giacomo Baldi...

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Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Visting my brother in California, I was jazzed to use his backyard wood-fired pizza oven. Of course, before using it, we had to have one of our arguments. First we wrestled about my hydration techniques and his choice of flour. Then we continued the battle to where we...

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Fuori Fancy Food (Pizza)

This year's food fair, Fuori Fancy included a mobile pizza truck run by Jimmy Caponi. He and Rick Easton shared the space and created some remarkable pizzas. The doughs were made using fabulous ancient Sicilian grain flour. They also used...

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