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Mercado Little Spain

Hearing about Jose Andres's Spanish Mercado opening at Hudson Yards, I recalled visiting his restaurants in Washington D.C. This man can cook. Moreover, he can run a restaurant, teach aspiring chefs, and organize fascinating projects. Along with his partners the...

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Ramen Burger

The chill of winter. Lunchtime. Why not return to Ramen Pop, my favorite New York-hipster ramen joint. Though I was inclined to slurp some broth and noodles, I ultimately tried their burger with pineapple. Last time I visited this place, the city was suffering a...

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Rincon Melania

Rincon Melania is a nine-month-old Ecuadorean restaurant in my New York neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens. Having walked by it multiple times on my way to the subway, the name befuddled me. Was it a nod to Trump's paramour and future third divorce? Whatever, I...

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After visiting my brother in Paso Robles, I enjoyed one last meal in San Francisco. Delfina is a terrific restaurant in the city's Mission District. It's Italian but definitely flavored by California. The service and execution of this simple and yet elegant...

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Khin Khao

After a five-hour winding road trip up the California coast to San Francisco, I went to lunch at Pim Techamuavivit's Khin Khao. The flavors were clean and unique. I ordered the pork bowl, which was divine. Pim Techamuavivit is a restauranteur and chef who commands...

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