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Visiting Switzerland this past summer, one of our day trips led us through the alps to an open-air museum in the town of Ballenberg. Celebrating the local region, it included a terrific exhibit on the milling of local flour and the baking of local breads. ...

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As usual my sister is filled with a busy schedule, and that includes making läckerli, my brother in-laws favorite go to cookie for office parties; and it's no wonder for the taste of  the Baselland delicacy, of a nut and spiced baked cookie lingers if they...

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Sitting on the Rhine river in Basel Switzerland, Xocolatl is a cafe that specializes in fair-trade coffee and chocolate. Known as "bean-to-bar, it's a lovely place to sit and just inhale the rich aromas as you enjoy coffee, chocolate, and tarts. Here...

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Visiting Basel while in Switzerland to see my sister, we met up with Sabino Spadaccino and his beautiful wife, Suzanne Schmollgruber. Together, we took a train down the alpine spine to Ticino, the Italian speaking Swiss canton. There we had a great afternoon hanging...

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Markthalle in Basel

Visiting my sister in Basel, we went to lunch at an area called "the Markthalle," a space built on the site formerly used for an indoor farmer's market. Under its sunlit dome, lives a hive of food courts, buzzing with shops selling a variety...

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