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Whats In A Bonci?

Pizza in Rome goes by the name of Bonci. And when it comes to Bonci look and taste, Rome's pizza style is a delicious balance of garden goodies and fermented dough. Pizzarium Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma, Italy 

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Mixed Grain Pizza

Leafing through Gabriele Bonci's Il Gioco della pizza, I wanted to try his "impasto misto pizza." It's a mixed grain pizza fermented with natural levain which uses farro, whole grain and white. I didn't have any in my flour...

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Semola Pizza

I'm at it again, exploring the different styles of taglio pizza, from Roman to Sicilian. This latest was made with durum, otherwise known as semola rimacinata, which I substituted  for the white wheat in my first test of Bonci. For some reason, my durum...

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Inspired By Bonci

Gabriele Bonci is a master of pizza, specifically the Roman-style taglio pan pie. He recently appeared on Anthony Bourdains "Layover," and written up within blogger Elizabeth Minchelli's wonderful posts, where she includes videos...

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