Oeuf Brouille With Caviar

French scrambled eggs with caviar for the New Years, reusing the egg shells after rinsing  in hot water. My little mouiller; toasted and buttered like when I was a kid…. voila, bonne appetite.


So the salt cured eggs I made about a month ago, remember those? Last time, I did not give them enough time to cure. The result was a lack of texture and taste. Yesterday, I gave a batch of eggs the appropriate time for curing, then grated them over a plate of pasta...

Cured Eggs

When my old sous chef Bob del Grosso popped up with a post modern cured egg yolks in salt, I wasn't gonna miss that chance to try it…. Here is day one…only ten to salt cure then 30 days to dry in rice.  

Pane Carasau é Uovo

Since making pane di carasau with kamut recently, I decided to not just eat it as a flat bread to dip but as a typical Sardinian dish Pane Carasau e uovo. Simply served with eggs, onions, tomato sauce and grated pecorino cheese, the carasau is re-hydrated with boiling...


Egg are the perfect food. Protein, albumen in a shell, they're used in all sorts of cooking mediums. From sauces to baking cakes, eggs are a recipe cornerstone. I enjoy them best at breakfast whatever the guise; boiled, fried, poached, with or without a protein,...