Years ago, I took a week-long wine course at the French Culinary Insitute. Our teacher was master sommelier Roger Dragorn, someone tops in the business of a high class pour. Honestly, me and my fellow students were totally ignorant in our approach to wine, mimicking...

A Holiday Tarte Aux Pommes

It's been years since I first learned to make a real French apple tarte. That's how we capped our Christmas Eve. I made my first one in 1987. Much time has passed since my first attempt, but each year it brings new delight.   

Tarte Au Pomme (Retro)

French apple tart is a classic, it's one I first learned at culinary school.So changing gears from my usual standard, frangipane  puff pastry individual or bande, I returned to "old school", literally.

Genoise Au Chocolat

Many years ago when I went to cooking school, the method of learning a core group of formulas was to memorize the ingredients,  known as " bon d'économat." Recently I was asked to make a cake impromptu style. I didn't have my handy formula...


Focaccia. Ahhhh, that famous bubbly bread oversold by our trendy, fickle, wacky world of food marketing. Packaged this way or another, at core, it's simple stuff. It's charm is simple, the ease of seamlessly absorbing unctuous sauces, oils, cheese, or...