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by | May 30, 2015 | Bread, Food

Friselle are a southern Italian rusk, garnished with seasoned tomatoes, herbs and a good dousing of olive oil. They're most often made with semola rimacinata and even barley. Years ago I made a batch with yeast. After, they were soaked in water which softens them, then finished with the salad of tomatoes.

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This time  I made two batches combining , one with part semola and Palmento flour from Filippo Drago who gave me a five kilo bag of this ancient grain. Though they were good, they were yeasted and a bit fragile.




So I tried another batch with a pasta madre made from wheat. Being cautious not to use up my precious half bag of palmento! Here is what I got with a half and half mix of fresh milled barley and palmento!


IMG_9222 IMG_9226 IMG_9234



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