Poolish Pizza Pies

It's time for my kitchen's annual spring Spring Fling. This year we'll feature pizza. Previously, I have focused on sourdough pizza crusts. This time I am trying a poolish-based cannoto style dough. It makes for a shortens the window, cutting out minutes...


Yes! I recently made a very good poolish baguette. It started with great timing. And even though I slightly scorched the bottoms a bit, the oven spring and crumb were fantastic! Here is what I got.  

Cold Poolish Baguette

Clandestino baker Thierry Delabre shared a poolish baguette formula. It uses one gram of yeast, and an unconventional retarding of both the poolish and dough. They looked good, had great crunch and tasted deliciously wheaty.  

Cider Bread

Revisiting formulas from my early baking days, I went back to a bread combining cider, raisin and apples. Originally learning this bread at Bouley bakery, it's made with a cider poolish along with a bit of levain. At Bouley, they would use apple to garnish on top,...

Ciabatta With Poolish

I made ciabatta recently, this time at workplace for sandwiches. This batch was inspired by the BBGA website, where there's a whole suite on ciabatta's from Didier Rosada. I plonked out a decent dough with doppio impasto, a method for...