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La Boulangerie De San Francisco

Visting my brother in California, my first stop was to baker Pascal Rigo's La Boulagerie de San Francisco. Actually, I had initially tried Chad Robertson's Tartine, but it was closed for a staff party. Interesting aside about Pascal Rigo; a...

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Brot Bäcker Michael Schulze (Freiburg)

Visiting Switzerland to see my sister for a few weeks, one day we drove to Freiburg, Germany. The purpose was to visit Michael Schulze, the terrific head baker at Bäckerei Pfeilfe, which is actually a collection of 10 local bakeries. Check him...

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A Visit to Zaro’s

Last year I had the good fortune of meeting baker Mark Fiorentino (formerly of Daniel). He recently invited me to meet up at his new digs at Zaro's Bakery in the Bronx. It's the headquarters of this 90-year old family bakery. Having passed the multiple outlets...

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Is The Boulangerie Dying?

Visiting Paris for Thanksgiving weekend, I assumed there would be boulangeries every corner. Are boulangeries in a death spiral, or is there a movement to recover this mom-and-pop industry before it is lost? So far, it seems the movement isn't working,...

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