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Each new bread formula raises my anxiety, as in "how am I gonna do this?" Two things calm me, methods and inspiration. Here's a method I use to allay fear, benefit of Mick Hartley of Bethesda Baking fame. So far as inspiration, my baking muse for Levantine  leavening...

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Jerusalem Bagel

Four years ago I tried to make a batch of Jerusalem-style bagels. They were far from stellar. The other day, Lior Lev Secarz emailed me a recipe for these bagels on which he swore. He got them from chef Mike Salomonov, author of the restaurant and book known as Zahav....

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St. Viateur

On the cusp of heading to Montreal for a visit, I decided to make some of this great food city's own adaptation of an old fashioned Jewish treat, St. Viateur bagels. Not exactly a Yiddish name, but it goes to show you; interfaith culture doesn't have to be...

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A Visit to Zaro’s

Last year I had the good fortune of meeting baker Mark Fiorentino (formerly of Daniel). He recently invited me to meet up at his new digs at Zaro's Bakery in the Bronx. It's the headquarters of this 90-year old family bakery. Having passed the multiple outlets for...

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Lye Bagels

I have baked lye-dipped bagels before, but my latest batch was exceptional. I am not sure where to credit my success; on-point levain, mixing whole wheat and white flour, or my new refrigerator which was used for retarding at a steady temperature. Regardless, the end...

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