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Plato tipica

After leaving the and stark beauty of  Caja's incredible lakes.We climbed  up and down some massive mountains twisting through incredible valleys of rock, lemon grass and short pines growing on the side of the  road . These didn't look like either the...

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Puerta de Inca

On route to the Southern Andes we finally found a furgoneta(van) in Guayaquil, I wasn't in the mood for the drive but what choice that or a whole weeks hotel bill, some more buffet food and most likely some really hot and humid weather!So we set out after a price was...

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Road trip through the Andes

The first evening I tried to adjust to smells and sounds and surroundings, as well crack into conversation with my Spanish, not your best Castillian mind you, but I can drive at the wheel good enough to make some people look twice when I tell them I'm from some other...

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