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Southern California

Just got back from a three day look & see in California, specifically Orange County. Got to visit offline with online friends. And got the chance to eat, and eat some more. Great food! I even got to use a wood burning oven and play with dough! Southern Cal,...

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My brother came over recently and proposed a last minute weekend bike tour. For him (and, by extension, for me), that meant a 100-plus mile ride. From Conneticut to Rhode Island.  Though it's fun, it's a good idea to prepare and prep. Sort of like...

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El Año Nuevo y la vuelta

It was a fairly humid morning as we descended from the familiar hills of Zaruma to make for the coast for a new years full of burning effigy's and a flight back to New York! We left without breakfast and hadn't decided where we should eat on the road, I dreaded the...

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The night before leaving Loja we hastily put together a plan to get to Zaruma,my wifes hometown.First we looked for a friendly peña or bar.We settled on one after stumbling into a shady looking disco with thumping rythms of reggaeton, where you couldn't even consider...

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Cisne(Virgin of the Swans)

Having survived a delicate situation of narrow minded 1st worlder by taking part in the national dish, which could also be mistaken for a pet! We set back out on the road to visit a virgin! I try hard from pissing off too many people, because when it comes to religion...

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