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Terremoto….uh oh, is that my bed moving?

by | Aug 17, 2010 | Ecuador, Food, plantains, Road trip, Travel

A  few days ago I woke up in the middle of my working vacation in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador….That morning reminded me of a scene from the exorcist; my bed was shaking and there were thumping sounds. My first thought that it was the hotel guests above who were in the midst of some tantric love making. But when I looked up and noticed no cries of ecstasy, I was confused.

What was certain were tremors from the earth. Just checked the news, on a very slow internet connection. Apparently, Ecuador was confronted with a 6.9 quake. I had feared all through the night from the sound of the  waves crashing very hard against the shore. I Thought for sure that we would have a tsunami, never mind an earthquake!

Just relaxing now with a cup of coffee, finished up my bolon with mani….let see what else happens…woops the restaurant is filling up and I have to serve up some breakfast!

Manabi Ecuador.



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  1. MC

    Gorgeous picture, Jeremy! I too would have been petrified by the idea of a tsunami. Tell us what you are serving for breakfast…


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