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Are "cronuts®" still trending? Since I'm a fan of both croissants and doughnuts, I tried creating a batch. Dough wrapped in three simple folds, let them rise....voila, my take on cronuts.

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Olive et Gourmando

Here's one of the marvelous spots from my visit to Montreal. Besides enjoying a great meal, I met former-CIA analyst and current MSNBC commentator Malcolm Nance, who was also enjoying its food. Great place I had visited previously and had to return. Someday maybe...

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The pandemic has taught me a lot about patience, including its importance in the kitchen. During some of my free time, I started a home bakery. The skills I picked up as hobby has allowed me to continue to learn and repeatedly practice repeatedly.... tinkering and...

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Rules Of Croissants

Croissants are not easy to make. There's a magic to rolling, then folding cold butter into a fermented dough, transforming that substance into an airy, crisp delectable layered bread. Stuck at home with the quarantine led me to do some research on croissant baking...

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Mixed Grain Croissants

Mixed grain croissants aren't new to me. In fact I've previously tried grano arso, as well as durum. I even tried it with goat butter, which doesn't have distinct  goat flavor but does have a strange margarine-like texture.  I made a batch...

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A Suite Of Goodies

After a marathon of pizza making at work, my mind went to Viennoiserie; namely croissants and pain au chocolat. Going to work, wanting to give a nod to health, I used sprouted wheat. Giving it long bulk and final proof, giving me time to chill. Slow food is good....

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