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After a marathon of pizza making at work, my mind went to Viennoiserie; namely croissants and pain au chocolat. Going to work, wanting to give a nod to health, I used sprouted wheat. Giving it long bulk and final proof, giving me time to chill. Slow food is good....

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Ian Lowe Croissants

Revisiting some of Ian Lowe's formulas, I tried some of his croissants using a liquid levain. Between good sourdough and a clear read of Ian's concise directions, I achieved success. Though it was a three day process, and a 4 a.m. wakeup to bake them,...

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What's the difference with cornetti and croissants? Well, cornetti have more sugar than typical croissants They can also be baked substituting lard for butter. And lamination can sometimes make cornetti less layered and flaky  In general, cornetti are cakey...

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Green Tea (Matcha) Croissants

My initial intention with the croissants below was to use grano arso. But realizing I had misplaced it, instinct led me to try substituting Japanese matcha green tea. Go figure! Well, my instinct worked. While these fully levain croissants led to some worry -...

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Advice For Ideal Croissants

Having failed to attain ideal uniformity in a recent batch of croissants, I searched for guidance via YouTube, finding help from a Breton baker who shares the name of a 20th century cowboy novelist. Louis Lamour is a French baker who shares his own...

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Croissant Challenges

After some clients asked for fresh-baked croissants, I made a small batch. While the layering looked promising, the final product was disappointing. Trying again, I got a crumb that was more cakey then open. So I put the unused dough in my freezer for a few days. Then...

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