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Le St. Urbain

In 2012, visiting Montreal, I met Marc-Andre Royal at his restaurant, Le St. Urbain et Bête à pain. For whatever reason, at the time, I did not try any of his food. For my recent Montreal visit, I made sure to make a date with Marc-Andre. He warned me, "this time...

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Olive et Gourmando

Here's one of the marvelous spots from my visit to Montreal. Besides enjoying a great meal, I met former-CIA analyst and current MSNBC commentator Malcolm Nance, who was also enjoying its food. Great place I had visited previously and had to return. Someday maybe...

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Liverpool House

Visiting Montreal, one of our goals was a dinner at Joe Beef. Finding it was booked, we decided to try its partner restaurant, Liverpool House. Arriving there after a six hour airport travail (COVID, lines, a multitude of time-stealing boring details) we were late for...

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Montreal Food Truck

On my last morning while visiting the wonderful food city of Montreal, I was lucky enough to find Grumman '78! Food trucks are not allowed in Montreal, but somehow Grumman '78 is the exception to the rule. Something to do with an old law handed down, about...

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Osteria Venti

This recent MemoriaI day weekend, I returned to Montreal to visit my friend Michele Forgione at his restaurant Osteria Venti. He serves Italian food at its simplest; no fussy garnishes or spiraling towers. Taste is the key to the regional food here. Michele and I met...

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