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For me, linzertorte lingers among my childhood memories. Recently after making some blueberry jam, I picked up a linzertorte recipe and decided to bake a batch using a a percentage of buckwheat flour in the dough. Suddenly I was back down memory lane, stepping into...

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Summer Plum Tarte

I always remember advice from my mother concerning food lingering in the fridge. She told me that before it dies forgotten on a shelf, gather it up to put to use, whether old fruit or scraps of dough. Recently I noticed some plums that were softening. So I proceeded...

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Tomato Wähe

While organizing some edibles for a late wine and snack summer social I was limited in prep time. I gathered up summer tomatoes, made a spelt dough inspired by my sister. This tarte being savory combined cheese, onions and mustard to tie into a quasi Provençal...

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Flan Parisien

When I first started to bake professionally, classic tarts were one of my favorites. Here is a favorite; flan Parisien. It's something that you'd find at your local boulangerie. It's no frou-frou mousse. Rather it's a rich milk and egg filling that is...

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