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Tarts and pies

Tart Frugales

Waste not, want not, no? And thus man goes out from the desert to bake tarts filled with whatever man can find. In this case, the "man" was me. Inspired by memories of our interview with Jacques Pepin, where he reccounted his mother's frugal but...

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Tarte Au Pomme (Retro)

French apple tart is a classic, it's one I first learned at culinary school.So changing gears from my usual standard, frangipane  puff pastry individual or bande, I returned to "old school", literally.

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Tropical Fruit Tart

Many years ago when I was a budding pastry cook, I had the task to make a pastry cart for lunch and dinner service. One of my favorite preperations were making tarts. From fresh berries with pastry cream, to baked apple tarts. So I recently made a tart combining some...

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Plum tarte

Plums remind me of summers in Switzerland under my sisters tree in her orchard in August. I still have a a week before I go and visit this year. So having a hankering for something reminiscent of her home made desserts. I decided to make my favorite  tarte au...

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