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La Tables de Nans

Visiting the south of France inspired both delight and anxiety. How to satisfy such great expectations? Well, I decided to book my restaurant reservations far in advance to ensure a table. My first stop was La Tables de Nans in Ciotat. Michelin awarded it one-star....

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My eight-hour flight to France  made me feel like an aging sardine; dry, brittle, and salty. Also, awfully eager to slip into a tub of water. But by the next day, luxuriating in Cassis, well, I was on vacation. More, I was vacationing in a country where citizens...

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On a whim, we picked Montreal for our August vacation. Why not? It's full of great chefs, bakers, markets, and the wonderful colloquial Quebecois French. Honestly, we most wanted a chance to visit my good friend Domenico and his...

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