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Burgers In Casiss

From my trip to France this past summer. Returning late to Cassis from a day trip in Aix-en Provence we couldn't get a bus or cab from the train station. That forced us to walk a few kilometers to our hotel. Passing a fork in the road, our eyes fixated on two...

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French Bread

Some Frenchmen claim that bread is in decline in this nation that is known for treasured loaves. Apparently, French kids are as crazy as their American cousins for snacks like Doritos. But it's too easy to blame the young. Honestly, initially during my summer trip...

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My eight-hour flight to France  made me feel like an aging sardine; dry, brittle, and salty. Also, awfully eager to slip into a tub of water. But by the next day, luxuriating in Cassis, well, I was on vacation. More, I was vacationing in a country where citizens...

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