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Burgers In Casiss

From my trip to France this past summer. Returning late to Cassis from a day trip in Aix-en Provence we couldn't get a bus or cab from the train station. That forced us to walk a few kilometers to our hotel. Passing a fork in the road, our eyes fixated on two...

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Army Recipes

At work, I'm not just the chef. I am also the staff meal coordinator and resident baker. Recently I started using my old U.S. Army recipe cards from back when I was answered as Private Shapiro, Sir! Back in the days when getting creative with ingredients could...

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Burger Buns

At work, I always dreamed of making home made buns. Burger buns. And not the average burger bones. Most restaurants serve challah or brioche styled burger buns. I wanted a better burger bun What's that means? It's freshly baked. It's not too soft but...

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