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Spring Flinged

Each year the private club where I am chef holds their "Spring Fling." It's a great excuse for a colorful spread. This year's was 15 hours over a simple spread. Honestly, more often the crowd here is about drinking, not eating. Regardless, here's...

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Are "cronuts®" still trending? Since I'm a fan of both croissants and doughnuts, I tried creating a batch. Dough wrapped in three simple folds, let them rise....voila, my take on cronuts.

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Army Recipes

At work, I'm not just the chef. I am also the staff meal coordinator and resident baker. Recently I started using my old U.S. Army recipe cards from back when I was answered as Private Shapiro, Sir! Back in the days when getting creative with ingredients could...

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Back To Basics

  The past few months I'd been reactivating my army recipes, inspired by the departure of one of my staff  who needed some personal time off, he grew tired of cooking. His replacement was amicable to using my military recipes (as he'd just enlisted...

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After Party Fermentation

Four days past our annual Spring Fling, I had leftover scraps of donut and pizza dough. Given this was sourdough, I was reminded what my buddy, baker John Downes, once said, such remains are "Satan Spawn," as they inevitably lead to an acidic stew...

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Spring Fling

Spring Fling is an annual work party the week before Memorial Day. It is something I chronicle - as well as prepare! It's a big, demanding affair in which we lay out a spread of caviar and canapés, with  the final part of the evening including...

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