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Bun – The Savoy Pizzaiolo Of Tokyo

My Instagram feed has a variety of followers. A fellow by the name of Bun had a profile photo that caught my eye. It's of Passalaqua Cafe, which is one of my go-to places for Napolitano cafe. It turned out that Bun is manager and pizzaiolo at Savoy Azabujuban's...

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Poolish Pizza Pies

It's time for my kitchen's annual spring Spring Fling. This year we'll feature pizza. Previously, I have focused on sourdough pizza crusts. This time I am trying a poolish-based cannoto style dough. It makes for a shortens the window, cutting out minutes...

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Neo-Neapolitano Pizza

Neapolitan pizza has its myths, methods, diameters and hot temperatures. So recently I heard about a derivative dough called canotto ("dinghy"), something I learned more about via Salvatore Lionello. His shared formulas on Youtube are straight forward though...

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Pizza fermentation with sponges

Poolish (or sponges) is made from equal parts flour and water, along with variable amount of either yeast or sourdough. Lately I've started using it for breads and pizza. It's worked particularly well for pizza. I took cues from Salvatore Kosta at Foorn. I...

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Pizza Nuovo

A friend recently introduced me to Chef Stefano Manfredi. He's an Australian chef whose family was originally from Lombardy. Not only is he a great chef and author, he's  a pizzaiolo, too. Curiosity led me to order several of his books. One particular pizza recipe...

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Farina Di Pizza (Sexy Flour)

Out shopping in Maspeth Queens, I went into a local deli for a sub sandwich and spotted this flour. Fun, no? Light (super-ground) flour, it's marketed for pizza. Who wouldn't want a pizza made from this beautiful bella donna?  While 00 flour can have...

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