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Pizza Nuovo

A friend recently introduced me to Chef Stefano Manfredi. He's an Australian chef whose family was originally from Lombardy. Not only is he a great chef and author, he's  a pizzaiolo, too. Curiosity led me to order several of his books. One particular...

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Pane Nero Again

I have been at this Pane Nero bread repeatedly, attempting various hydrations and different ranges of fermentation. Honestly, I'm not sure if I have it right! Even with the generous help of baker friends, the road to perfection is long, maybe because...

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Greek Temples (Selinunte)

Selinunte is a Greek archaeological site in Sicily. Visiting it with my friend, Castelvetrano miller and baker Filippo Drago, he proudly pointed out that it is the largest ruins of Greek temples anywhere. Like the ruins I had seen while visiting Troy in Turkey, it...

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Tenuta Pignatelli

Just outside of Sicily's city of Castelvetrano, you'll find Tenuta Pignatelli, a beautiful, family-run working farm and resort. Run by the Becchina family, the farm produces olive oil while the grounds produce a stunning sense of relaxation. I spent my days...

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Fillipo Drago

It seems since I learned about miller Fillipo Drago, I wanted to see him at work. I finally got the chance in my Sicilian pilgrimage this summer. Here are some of the sights and sounds at his mill in Castelvetrano. https://vimeo.com/137637110  Cuscus from Jeremy...

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