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Moulin d’huile – Summer Trip Post #4

I first met Jean-Benoit Hugues back in New York City at an event featuring his olive oils. I can't remember where the actual location. I do remember the oils. They were unforgettable. Luscious, unctuous, the type of oil that touches your lips and you feel kissed...

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Time Squeezed Brioche

Losing a man in the kitchen at work, my schedule is already a battle. With few hours to spare, do I bake and lose sleep? Do I not bake and lose inspiration? As the saying goes, "I will sleep when I'm dead." Aiming high, I went for Ian Lowe's...

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Tenuta Pignatelli

Just outside of Sicily's city of Castelvetrano, you'll find Tenuta Pignatelli, a beautiful, family-run working farm and resort. Run by the Becchina family, the farm produces olive oil while the grounds produce a stunning sense of relaxation. I spent my days...

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