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Brioche au levain (Foolish Poolish)

My efforts at making a Provencal rendition of a Roscon de Reyes or kings cake to celebrate the epiphany ironically fell on the historically important day of January 6th, it was confusing. At least this last effort was a good result to diminish the grey haze of...

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Kolache are a fruit-filled yeasted pastry round whose origins are Eastern European. They were introduced to the United states primarily by Czech immigrant communities in the midwest and Texas. I never actually tried to make them until our accountant at my job asked...

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Poppy Seed Roll

Poppy seed rolls are a goody that I  first enjoyed at New York City's legendary Lower East Side Jewish delis and bakeries.  But later I discovered great poppy seed rolls could be found in the Polish enclave of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. I remember biking...

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Brioche Feuilletée

A project this past summer was baking varieties of "brioche feuilletée." It's a laminated brioche dough in which the baker holds back part of the butter in its building. During hotter weather, any butter-rich Viennoisserie can be tricky. It's...

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Brioche Autolyse Levain

Here's a formula from the latest Bread Lines #26. I was not sure it would work but, voila, it did! It's a classic brioche using a sponge fermentation, autolyse, timing that allowed me to leave it unmanaged while working my shift. The formula called for...

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Brioche Yuge

Below are shots of brioche made following Ian Lowe's formulas (via Dropbox here). Ian explained that it's a long bulk and final fermentation. Lacking butter, I opted to use olive oil. What I failed to realize was how much the dough would rise. Here...

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