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Brioche Autolyse Levain

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Bread, Brioche, levain

Here's a formula from the latest Bread Lines #26. I was not sure it would work but, voila, it did! It's a classic brioche using a sponge fermentation, autolyse, timing that allowed me to leave it unmanaged while working my shift. The formula called for yeast. But with only wild yeast in my fridge, I re-worked it a bit without yeast, and feeding the starter with a dose of sugar as done with levain in Italy.From a sourdough perspective, it was on the liquid side, so I retarded the levain, wanting to slow the process of building the dough. Then popping into the fridge for the day, I went to work. That evening when I came home, it looked good. Which reminded me, in baking, timing is everything yet you can't trust the clock. It's all about look and feel. Anyway, I molded the dough, then popped it back into the fridge.  In the morning, I left the dough for a proof cycle in the oven for an hour, and boom… out to bake.This was a great tasting bread, not greasy or difficult to process and not overly sweet either!



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