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Sweet Starter

Blogging bakers Andrew Janjigian and Ian Lowe recently published a fabulous interview on sweet starters. They always give great advice. And though their approach takes time, in my experience their guidance consistently yields great results.

I encourage bakers to read their article and… go for it. Below are photographs of my own attempt to do just that.  This time, I played spin-the-bottle, partnering Ian’s sweet starter to my version of a  brioche feuilletée.  I adopted Andrew’s “easy method,” downloading his sweet dough calculator to do it.

Kaboom!  I got an active starter with amazing odors permeating the kitchen and a deliciously sweet bread from the oven.

Au point



Sweet starter Brioche

Sweet starter

Laminated Brioche


Laminated Brioche with sweet starter

Mie du pain

Sweet starter perfection

Fibonacci sequence in sweet starter brioche

Sweet starter goodness


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