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Poppy Seed Roll

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Baking, Bread, Brioche, levain, Mackowiec

Poppy seed rolls are a goody that I  first enjoyed at New York City's legendary Lower East Side Jewish delis and bakeries.  But later I discovered great poppy seed rolls could be found in the Polish enclave of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. I remember biking over to the neighborhood with my buddy, Michael, visiting a great Polish bakery, Rzeszowska, which has now since closed.  I often yearn for a sliver of this treat. Recently, using some extra laminated brioche dough mix of poppy seed (masa makowa) filling, I rolled up a loaf. It was a success – the meeting of poppy seed with light French brioche. It made me think of the old saying; "let them eat cake."



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